07 July 2010

Stop Child Abuse and Win TBR Swag!

If you've been paying attention, you know that I found three great reasons to ride this summer, and that there's only one reason left: COURAGE CLASSIC!

The Courage Classic Bicycle Tour is a fundraising ride that benefits the Rotary Endowment for the Intervention and Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect.  This endowment is the largest single source of funding for the Child Abuse Intervention Department at Mary Bridge Children's Hospital in Tacoma.  For the third consecutive year, I will be riding my tiny bicycle over three large mountain passes in an effort to raise money for this cause and to Stop the Cycle of Abuse.

We need to do this together.  I'll be riding the bike, so that means I need you to donate a few dollars.  And since online raffles are so fun, I've decided to do it again with an emphasis on the things we love at TBR: bikes, beer, Tacoma, and free stuff. 

You could win all of this!

The TBR 3-Reasons SWAG BAG PRIZE PACKAGE includes:
  • A combination bandana/bike map of Tacoma!
  • A LiveSTRONG Hat and matching yellow wristband!
  • Bikey blinkies, stickers, and decals!
  • Tacoma MOB Ride Spokecards so you can booze cruz like the pros!
  • Even more free stuff that I've saved just for this purpose!
and of course, it wouldn't be a TBR raffle unless you could also win:
  • A 100% genuine, upcycled-in-Tacoma, Rainier Beer Tall-boy Can Hat!

Don't delay.  DONATE HERE to enter the raffle for this awesome prize package and to help stop the cycle of child abuse.  I'll likely keep adding swag to the bag over the next month, especially stuff from the Courage Classic.  

Many thanks in advance for your continued support!

-Matt in Tacoma

UPDATE: I'm adding this brand new, limited edition Tacoma Rainiers jersey to the Swag Bag!  This was a giveaway to the Rainiers' tweeps around St. Patrick's Day. Goes great with the hat!

*Raffle Rules:
1. For every $5 that you 
donate to my online Courage Classic fund-raising effort, you will have your name entered one time into a drawing to win. (Example: You make one online donation of $25, and I place five separate entries into the hat, each bearing your name.)  If you've already donated, you are already entered.

2. For the purpose of this raffle, all donations must be made by 4 pm PDT on August 9.  My daughter will randomly draw one winning entry from the hat that evening and I will announce the winner on August 10 here on TBR. I will contact the winner by email, so make sure you enter a valid email address when you donate.

3. I will pay to ship the hat and swag to the winner via USPS Priority mail to anywhere in the US.

4. DONATE HERE! Online donations through firstgiving.com are easy and secure. Plus, the hospital is a registered 501c(3) non-profit organization, for you tax-deduction seekers.

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