07 July 2010

Chehalis Western Trail

After completing a 35 mile loop on the Chehalis Western Trail over the Independence Day weekend, I saw an awesome orange bike pull into the parking lot. 

Chainguard, basket, flat pedals, step through frame, fat tires.  I commented to the owner about how much I liked this setup, and Susan, the owner, was very excited to find someone who could appreciate it.  She has 7 fused discs in her back, and this bike gives her the correct riding position to continue riding comfortably.  Although it looks like an Electra Townie, it's a Fuji that she bought as a 3-speed for just over $200.  She swapped out the rear hub for an 8-speed for another $200 and created a very affordable dream bike. Happy Trails, Susan!

The trail mostly cuts through wooded rural residential areas, staying relatively flat and straight.  We started at Woodard Bay and rode to the Monarch Sculpture Park, a free outdoor art gallery.  We didn't have time for a full exploration, but I'm already planning to bring my kids down here for a visit.

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