19 May 2014

Catching Up

We've been busy. If it's not one thing, it's another. You know how it goes. So here's some cool bike stuff that's happened or been seen in the last month.

Firstly, TBR Junior started riding in a Yepp Mini seat at age 8 months. He LOVES it. "Do you want to go for a bike ride?" nearly always evokes an excited response and he's more than happy to let me squish his face to get the helmet on.

This happened just in time for our Kidical Mass Tacoma kick-off ride in the Junior Daffodil Parade. We had a great turnout and the constant din of our bells ringing for 4 blocks brought tears of joy to my eyes. It also lulled TBR Junior to sleep; his first bike nap!

I attempted 30 Days of Biking in April and ended up with 26 or 27 Days. Not bad. Most of those days were short errands and biking to school, but it motivated me to take a few extra solo rides. I need to make more time for this.

Bike Month rolled in and we kept on riding to school and commuting to work.

We ran a kids bike rodeo at the Bike Swap, complete with teeter-totter ramp. I managed to sell a bike in the bike corral, but turned around and acquired bike another within 10 minutes. (N+1...it's a disease.) It's an awesome Dahon folding bike that I've listed for rent through Spinlister

And with spring weather finally springing, we decided to plant a plum tree and a bike rack in our front yard. Both are right out front to share with the neighbors.

We aren't the only folks taking to two wheels in Tacoma either. I've seen more bicycle traffic than ever before, all over town. It's exciting to see people discovering and rediscovering that Tacoma has always been a great town to ride around.

Made in Tacoma boxbike
Every bike is a cargobike
Tacoma 12s ride bikes, too