08 October 2009

General Notices

I'll be unplugged for a few weeks. This'll have to tide you over.

Item 1. It Might Get Loud is playing at The Grand Cinema starting Friday. I love rock'n'roll films, and this looks like a keeper.

Item 2. Tuesday Night Rides with the Harmon Bike Club continue! The train leaves The Hub at 5:30pm on Tuesdays. However, it's now DARK when we get back to the Hub afterwards, so please bring front and rear lights. Reflective anything never hurts, either. For all of you commuters, the fog makes you invisible, unless you have very bright lights or are wearing something day-glo. On foggy mornings, the kid that rides in the back seat of our bucket bike has to wear a yellow reflective vest, too. No buts!

Item 3. The MADSEN Cycles bucket bike is here to stay. I ride it almost every day and the kids still think it's cool and fun. I even got cat-called by a road construction worker yesterday: "Oouuw! That's a nice bike, [Baby]!" Plus, the guys at Bike Gallery in Portland rode one in last weeks cyclocross race, which completely validates the versatility of the bike in my mind. Read all about it here. It was a two-man team, with the passenger hopping in and out to assist with the run-ups. In the relative grand spectrum of bicycle fanatics, I think this shows I'm still just somewhere in the middle.

photo by David Anderson on Flickr

Enjoy the fantastic fall weather and ride safely.

04 October 2009

Tacoma Craft Beer Festival 2009

The first annual Tacoma Craft Beer Festival was awesome! There was live music, raffle prizes, a fun vibe, and plenty of tasty beer.

There was quite a buzz about cans. Can coating technology has improved recently and many craft breweries are embracing the can as a better way to deliver their beer to the masses. 21st Amendment Brewing was pouring their IPA straight from the can and had paperboard 6-pack packaging that seemed far superior to those plastic rings that kill dolphins. 7 Seas Brewing of Gig Harbor is/will be canning as well, and they have can-shaped glassware for their taproom that opens October 15.

Beers I really enjoyed (and remembered the next day!):
Hoppy Holidays and 3 Grid IPA from Schooner EXACT
Hoptober from New Belgium
British Pale Ale from 7 Seas

I liked the tasting mug with the handle - I saw no one drop their cup. The 4 oz. taste seemed like too much beer for a person like me that can only handle a few pints. There seemed to be a good number of food vendors (with vegetarian options) and no/short lines for toilets. I don't recall seeing a water fountain. Event shirts sold-out quickly (in my size). Next year will simply have to be bigger. I can't wait for next year.

If you went, what did you like? How can the festival be even better next year?

02 October 2009


photo by The Red Hot

The fine folks at The Red Hot are spearheading the first (hopefully annual) TACOMA CRAFT BEER FESTIVAL. It's happening today, Saturday, October 3rd, and runs from noon until 9pm. It's an indoor event with live music, food vendors, and plenty of unique, quality beers to taste. Bonus points if you bike there. Don't forget your pretzel necklace and your ID (you must be 21 to attend.)

The News Tribune did an article on Wednesday that highlighted a few of the brewers that will be there. Do yourself a favor and visit the Schooner EXACT booth. Good stuff.