17 January 2012

DIY Studded Bike Tires

For the last three years I've wanted to make a set of studded bike tires, but the bad weather always comes and goes before I have a chance to act.  Not this year.  I loosely followed the advice and instructions from this video and used this video as a reference for how long the project would really take (try counting how many beers he drinks!)

I used 26" mtb tires that were salvaged from a bike project year ago, placing screws in every other knob, 52 screws per side.  Since I only bought 200 #8-1/2" panhead screws, I had to rummage for the other 8.

I used a variable speed hand drill with a 5/64" bit to put a pilot hole in each knob from the outside.  I started all of the screws from the inside with a screwdriver, then finished driving them flush with the drill at low speed.  You don't want to over tighten the screws as they can strip out the knob or tangle the tire casing fabric.  Don't forget: once you're done you'll need an old tube to use as a liner between the screw heads and the tube you're inflating.

It took me $7 cash and three solid hours for 208 screws. If this seems like too much work, plan ahead of the bad weather and order some studded tires from your local bike shop.  I'll give you a ride report if we get more snow and ice.  That might be this week or it might be next winter!

01 January 2012

Fresh Start

I've published my annual cycling goal list here for the last few years.  I need to set cycling goals for myself because I don't always take enough time to do enough cycling even though I know it's a cornerstone of my life and improves my physical and mental health.  So I keep a spreadsheet and track my progress.  It works for me.

Here's how 2011 turned out:

  • Rode 2,137 miles, exceeding the 2,011 mile goal.
  • Raised $2,000 for Courage Classic, missing my $3K goal.
  • Remodeled guest room on schedule, subsequently had more time to ride.
  • Spent less time on the internet? Maybe. I deleted my FB account in December to clean the slate for 2012.
So, not a bad year, but I had some hiccoughs.  My injury on Day 3 of the Courage Classic kept me from riding my first cyclocross season.  But after some physical therapy and a fitting at Tacoma Bike, I'm ready to properly ride into the New Year.

Out with the old...

In with the new.

Here are my 2012 goals:

  1. Ride 2,012 miles.
  2. Run 100 miles.
  3. Race cross with Team Tacoma Cyclocross.
  4. Volunteer at 2nd Cycle.

Good Luck with your 2012 goals and Happy New Year from TBR!