01 January 2012

Fresh Start

I've published my annual cycling goal list here for the last few years.  I need to set cycling goals for myself because I don't always take enough time to do enough cycling even though I know it's a cornerstone of my life and improves my physical and mental health.  So I keep a spreadsheet and track my progress.  It works for me.

Here's how 2011 turned out:

  • Rode 2,137 miles, exceeding the 2,011 mile goal.
  • Raised $2,000 for Courage Classic, missing my $3K goal.
  • Remodeled guest room on schedule, subsequently had more time to ride.
  • Spent less time on the internet? Maybe. I deleted my FB account in December to clean the slate for 2012.
So, not a bad year, but I had some hiccoughs.  My injury on Day 3 of the Courage Classic kept me from riding my first cyclocross season.  But after some physical therapy and a fitting at Tacoma Bike, I'm ready to properly ride into the New Year.

Out with the old...

In with the new.

Here are my 2012 goals:

  1. Ride 2,012 miles.
  2. Run 100 miles.
  3. Race cross with Team Tacoma Cyclocross.
  4. Volunteer at 2nd Cycle.

Good Luck with your 2012 goals and Happy New Year from TBR!


Anonymous said...

Dude! Good luck with your goals and such. Nice looking bike that second one.

I'll have to think of some of my own goals too.

kimberly said...

That's an OK set of goals.... but it's mostly work and less play! No Courage Classic? Bike camping? Big Epic Ride? There is more to your cycling life than hauling kids and cargo around, right? Although you're going to love CX racing! I'm telling you right now, we're getting out and riding for the pure joy of it this year.

tacomee said...

Sorry-- I used my wife's google ID!

Anonymous said...

Ditto Matthias' comment on the new bike. Nice! Good luck on your goals and staying healthy. See you on the road.

Cheers, Gene (in Tacoma)

Matt in Tacoma said...

Thanks for the words of encouragement, Matt, Terry and Gene! I love our Tacoma bicycle community.