02 January 2011


It's time to get it together. Let's start today.

My 2011 Goals:

#1. Ride 2,011 miles on the bikes. Fewer long charity rides and a new part-time job will likely keep me from riding as much as I did in 2010, so this goal seems reasonable. My mileage spreadsheet is locked and loaded!

#2. Raise $3,000 for Courage Classic. The event organizers want to raise $1,000,000 this year, a lofty goal, so I need to step up my fundraising efforts.  This will be my fourth year riding with the Harmon Bike Club for this worthy cause and I will need your help to come up with the funds!  I'll update TBR with a donation link as soon as available, but you can give me a jumpstart by mailing a check to Mary Bridge Children's Hospital, PO Box 5296, Tacoma, WA 98415-0296 (Memo: Courage Classic - Matt Newport).  Thanks in advance!

#3. Finish remodeling the guest room by the end of February. This may seem like an odd goal to post on TBR, but I'll have more time to ride in the warmer months if I knock it out during the winter. This goal comes with a strong endorsement from Mrs. TBR.

#4. Spend less time on the internet.  This will equate to more time to working on the goals above.  We probably all need to work on this one.  I haven't decided yet how to quantify this one, but I think FB is pretty much out and Twitter will be very limited.  Future posts will be sparse.  Call or email (or post a comment) if you need to get my attention.

Besides the day-to-day stuff, I think these goals will keep me plenty busy. Are you setting big goals for 2011? Where will you be focusing your time and energy?


melanie said...

1. less subway riding, more bike riding.

2. pass comps!

this means that by May I will have met all of my goals and can commence living in a tent in your backyard.

tacomee said...

Thanks for writing this blog in 2010. It's been a hoot to read.

2011 miles in 2011 seems a little light. That's a little less than 40 miles a week, right? And we knock off 25 of that every Tuesday night in the Spring and Summer. You can do better, if for nothing else than your own mental health.

I believe there will be treatment centers for internet addiction in the next 5 years. Cutting back on the FB is a good thing, like cutting back on drinking beer.

Please don't cut back on this Blog! It's a fun read.