31 March 2010

Murray Morgan Lives

I just returned from the reopening ceremony of Tacoma's Murray Morgan Bridge.  It's currently only open for cyclists and pedestrian use, but an RFQ will be issued soon to complete the restoration for vehicular traffic.  The fully restored bridge should be reopened in time to celebrate it's 100th anniversary in 2013.

There were 40 or 50 people on hand to hear from former Tacoma mayor Bill Baarsma explain briefly why the bridge is so important to business development and safety.  Mayor Marilyn Strickland wore a bridge replica tiara from Le Roy Jewelers, which, she said, had an operating center span that gets stuck sometimes, just like the real bridge.  I also spotted one of Beautiful Angle's "Save Me" posters that a citizen brought to sneak into the ceremonial ribbon-cutting photos.  Nice touch!

I was one of four cyclists that turned up on a bike and we were the first across the bridge deck, along with a local solar enthusiast who rode a Goped electric scooter.  The deck hasn't yet been resurfaced, but it has been swept of crumbling concrete and pigeon carcasses.

Someone pointed out a rainbow in the sky between the downtown buildings as we looked up 11th Street.  It was a beautiful morning to reconnect with my favorite Tacoma landmark.

26 March 2010

Tacoma Trains

Waiting on the platform for friends and their bikes on a crisp, spring evening in Tacoma.

25 March 2010

Pump the Pool

Former Tacoma resident Karl, booze-croozin-bike-wrenchin-frame-builder extraordinaire, sends this update of his new life back east:

"The Church of Higher Flow was in session last Sunday at 8 AM as usual.  This time the pump was not the location.  Check the commitment on Dan's face.  That pool is at least 10' deep and we got the speed daemon on the vert!"

Glad to see things are going swimmingly for you, Karl!  Gives new meaning to "ridden hard, put-away wet." (ok ok, that's enough of that...)

Not knowing of this correspondence, my wife walked in this morning and asked if I knew where a tandem could be rented in Tacoma.  WOW...the stars are aligned today, my friends.  Harness your opportunities and pedal hard.

04 March 2010


I think this is the first time we've ever had four people in the bucket.  Playdates are easy with the Madsen because you don't have to worry about carseat swapping; just bring your helmet!  There was much laughter and potty jokes coming from under the rain cover on the ride to our house...ah, kids.

We've kept the rain cover on pretty much every day since we made it.  It hasn't seen much rain, but works great when it does.

Bike'n'trike derbys on the patio are becoming part of the daily routine, rain or shine.  I memorialized the occasion with a chalk drawing.  Long live the Bucket Bike!