25 March 2010

Pump the Pool

Former Tacoma resident Karl, booze-croozin-bike-wrenchin-frame-builder extraordinaire, sends this update of his new life back east:

"The Church of Higher Flow was in session last Sunday at 8 AM as usual.  This time the pump was not the location.  Check the commitment on Dan's face.  That pool is at least 10' deep and we got the speed daemon on the vert!"

Glad to see things are going swimmingly for you, Karl!  Gives new meaning to "ridden hard, put-away wet." (ok ok, that's enough of that...)

Not knowing of this correspondence, my wife walked in this morning and asked if I knew where a tandem could be rented in Tacoma.  WOW...the stars are aligned today, my friends.  Harness your opportunities and pedal hard.

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