31 October 2014

Tell Tacoma to Budget for Bikes

We need more Tacoma residents to speak up for the importance of bike funding. If you have not done so already, please visit the City of Tacoma's budget website and follow the link in the upper right to “Provide Your Input”.

There is some funding proposed for trails and pedestrian improvements, but we really need more on-street bicycle infrastructure that connects people getting to and from these trails and walkable areas to jobs and business districts. The recently completed bicycle boulevard that runs from South Tacoma to the North End is a good example of how our city can be more connected with just a little paint and signage.

For a list of the proposed Transportation projects, see pages 4-6 of this budget document: 

If you want to speak directly to our Mayor and City Council, consider attending a Citizen's Forum at 5pm on the second Tuesday of each month. The Citizen's Forum provides an opportunity for citizens to speak about items under the City Council’s jurisdiction that are not on that evening’s City Council meeting agenda. There are a few rules and limitations, but this is a great opportunity for you to take the mic and tell the city why planning and building more bicycle infrastructure in Tacoma is important to you.

Please feel free to pass along the link to any one else who has a voice that needs to be heard.

03 October 2014

Our Turn to Give Back to 2nd Cycle

2nd Cycle is a non-profit community cycle center in Tacoma's Hilltop neighborhood. After years of making-do in sublet spaces, they will be moving to a new, permanent location at the end of this month. Moving is expensive and they are quietly asking for financial help with this process. Please consider making a donation through their Indiegogo site or swing by their existing shop at 1314 Marting Luther King Jr Way before the end of October to make a purchase or donation in person.

Mock-up of the new shop at S 12th and MLK

2nd Cycle has always been located in the heart of the Hilltop neighborhood. Organizers and volunteers have donated thousands of hours to keep this resource affordable and accessible to anyone and everyone. Since their humble beginning in the alley behind Le Le Restaurant, the vision for the shop has always been clear:

"To build a resilient, sustainable, connected community of cyclists promoting equity and acting in solidarity.  We see cycling demystified, normalized, and a part of daily life."

I started this blog in 2008, just after 2nd Cycle had opened it's doors. I watched them become an integral part our cycling community as it has grown substantially over the last six years. They have done this by making bikes accessible and understandable. They host a weekly Women and LGBTQ Night, offer neighborhood kids the chance to learn mechanical skills in a safe environment, and use a pay-what-you-can cost structure on some items and services.  

The efforts of the organizers and volunteers are commendable and this community resource deserves our support. You can find out more about the shop at 2ndCycle.org and on their Facebook page.