29 January 2010

Tow Trike

TBR has featured bikes-on-bikes, but this is the first trike-on-trike that I've ever seen.  It was completely his idea, but I was more than happy to make his dream a reality.

This may have been prompted by a four mile tour of errands that Ky did with me via Xtracycle + stoker bar.  I ended up using a salvaged drop bar that was chopped just long enough for some bmx grips.  It was Ky's first try with the stoker bar; he did well and had a blast.


Mama-san said...

Fun times being a kid!

sara said...

Always love me some bike-in/on-bike snaps! So great that he's already figuring out bikes' hauling power. He has a good role model for that :)