13 January 2010


After watching this Totcycle video showcasing some of the ways other Pacific Northwest families mobilize on bikes, my oldest daughter reminded me that we needed to put some stoker handlebars on the back of our Xtracycle .

Xtracycle sells a stoker bar kit, but I had all of the bits laying around.

Mom photographed our first departure, but I wish I could have recorded the squeal of excitement that Gwen made when hit cruising speed.  She loves it!


Julian said...

Nice! I like your rear fender too ... be careful, though, if your daughter ends up inspired by the carfreedays rascals she may be surfing the snapdeck before you know it.

Tim K said...

Surfing... or at least a little side-saddle reading.

Blaineimal said...

did you see that Xtracycle gave you a shout-out on their Facebook status?

sara said...

Hey-- I just saw this on Xtra's FB page too! Yay, Matt! And yay for stoker bars. Can't wait to discuss your Madsen rides vs. your Xtra rides. We are currently in full Xtra mode, leaving the bakfiets at home in the cold weather (gearing issues). So happy to have the stoker bars & room for two boys on the snapdeck.