04 July 2010

Show Your Colors

Few activities in life can embody a feeling of independence, freedom, and liberty like cycling.  Even though its popularity has come and gone repeatedly over the last twelve decades, the bicycle has remained a revolutionary vehicle for generations of dreamers.  I'm not usually a flag waver, but riding around with the Stars and Stripes blazing on the back of my bike overwhelms me with patriotism and a sense of hope for the future.

Our nation's flag is not only a reminder of battles fought and lives sacrificed, but also of a great land full of natural beauty and a bounty of resources that should be shared, respected, and enjoyed.  While celebrating our nation's independence, remember to respect the freedoms of others.  Happy Independence Day from TBR!


Bikejuju said...

I share your feelings, and appreciate your post, and am chuckling at the giant white SUV in the background. I like your bike SUV much better.

Molly said...

Hi there, I have been contemplating whether a big American flag on the back of our bicycles would help with one of the hazards of biking my children to work in downtown Seattle: folks in big trucks, who are not used to bicycles. One fellow yelled at my husband and 2 yr old for 4 blocks once as they all rolled slowly along 5th Ave. How did you attach yours? I live next to Brynnen, if you want to relay the mechanical details through her. Thanks!

Matt in Tacoma said...

Great question! An answer and instructions: