19 April 2011

For Sale: Our Beloved Bucket Bike


There comes a time when you have to thin the herd. It's as Nature intended. And so, we are selling our Madsen Cycles kg271 Bucket Bike.

- 2005 Madsen Cycles kg271 with 8-speed gearing
- Bucket features 2 bench seats, seat buckles for 4 passengers
- Modular DIY rain cover with vinyl windows, Sunbrella fabric
- Upgraded front disc brake (Avid BB5)
- Velo Orange sprung leather saddle
- Schwalbe tires: Marathon front, Big Apple rear
- $800 for the whole kit and caboodle

Between the adjustable handlebar stem and the long seatpost, the bike can accommodate riders of nearly any height. I'm 5'11" and it fits me well with plenty of seatpost to spare.  The whole bike is weight rated to 600 pounds of payload (rider + cargo/passengers.)

We purchased the bike two years ago and are the original owners.  You can see more pictures of the bike in action here.  The bike is currently located in Tacoma, but delivery to the Seattle area can be arranged.  

Email your inquiries to matt[d0t]newport at gmail or post in the comments. Thanks!



Bunny said...

I think that you all have sure had some great adventures on this bike and the kids have really grown these past two years as well. Here's to hoping that the next owners enjoy this bike and have just as many adventures as you all did. Good luck with your sale!

Travis A. Wittwer said...

That is a killer deal.

Matt in Tacoma said...

Thanks for your help, Travis!

Anonymous said...
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