13 April 2011

My Commitment to Courage Classic

I recently committed to riding the 20th Annual Courage Classic Bicycle Tour, a fundraising bike ride covering three mountain passes over three days. I've done this ride three time before, always with at least 18 gears to help me comfortably climb to the top of each pass then cruise down the other side at top speed.

This year, I am also committing, here and now, to ride the whole 173 mile course on my single-speed city bike.

Why am I making this commitment? Because the more I think about the staff at the Mary Bridge Child Abuse Intervention Department, and the commitment that they make every day to help children that have been sexually abused, maltreated, or neglected, the more I feel a responsibility to step-up my effort to raise money for this great cause.

Basically, I am now committed to making this ride tougher for me so that you will commit a few more dollars to support the kids that need our help.  Together, we're making a commitment to Stop the Cycle of Child Abuse.

My fundraising goal this year is $5,000.  And since April is Child Abuse Awareness Month, I will also personally match each donation made this month by 10% (e.g. you donate $100, I donate $10), until I reach my goal.

Please make a commitment, too. DONATE HERE.

Many thanks,

Matt Newport

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