22 April 2011

Taking My Pro-Bicycle Agenda to Frost Park

The Frost Park Chalk-Off, held weekly during the Friday lunch hour in downtown Tacoma, seemed like a good place to ride on Earth Day.  Tula and I took the Xtracycle to Proctor for errands, then stopped by Defiance Bicycles, Tacoma's newest bike shop, on the way to Frost Park. 

It is a perfect day to be a riding a bicycle anywhere in Tacoma.  I'm looking forward to getting out again tonight for some 21+ biking action on the MOB Ride.


Bikejuju said...

Nice chalk work - I know somebody with a blue tallbike just like that one!

Matt in Tacoma said...

Subconsciously, you're tallbike was likely the inspiration. Best tallbike I've ever seen!

(Many thanks for the donation, btw. Ride on!)