30 November 2011

From the Rubbish Bin

My dad noticed this bike in a recycling dumpster and, having every right to take it out, he did. It's a Hawthorne 3-spd ("333" hub) from who-knows-when. The brand was sold at Montgomery-Ward department stores at one time. Dad thought it looked pretty good.

This is the second bike I've prettied-up with a 333 hub, so I was somewhat familiar with this level of quality (i.e. low.)  While the bike may not be suitable for someone of my size and willingness to sprint and jump curbs, this bicycle seems to have some life left as a quiet grocery hauler or a guest bike for my little sister.  After some adjustment, the hub still works fine (the entire right grip is the the shifter between L-N-H), but the brakes need newer pads, cables, and housing.  For less than $10 at 2nd Cycle, I should be able to put this bike safely back on the road. That's my meager shopping list taped to the stem.

I think my little sister is going to enjoy the narrow handlebars and sparkle vinyl saddle (not to mention the fact that the previous owner was likely a Muppet.)


Mike said...

One-piece cranks are neat-o! But seriously, nice trash bin find. Spit-shine, then ride the wheels off of it.

tacomee said...

When you're old, are you going to live in a "compound" surrounded by old crappy bikes and stray cats? No seriously, it's another cool bike project. Good job and I'm sure your Sis is going to love it!