04 October 2009

Tacoma Craft Beer Festival 2009

The first annual Tacoma Craft Beer Festival was awesome! There was live music, raffle prizes, a fun vibe, and plenty of tasty beer.

There was quite a buzz about cans. Can coating technology has improved recently and many craft breweries are embracing the can as a better way to deliver their beer to the masses. 21st Amendment Brewing was pouring their IPA straight from the can and had paperboard 6-pack packaging that seemed far superior to those plastic rings that kill dolphins. 7 Seas Brewing of Gig Harbor is/will be canning as well, and they have can-shaped glassware for their taproom that opens October 15.

Beers I really enjoyed (and remembered the next day!):
Hoppy Holidays and 3 Grid IPA from Schooner EXACT
Hoptober from New Belgium
British Pale Ale from 7 Seas

I liked the tasting mug with the handle - I saw no one drop their cup. The 4 oz. taste seemed like too much beer for a person like me that can only handle a few pints. There seemed to be a good number of food vendors (with vegetarian options) and no/short lines for toilets. I don't recall seeing a water fountain. Event shirts sold-out quickly (in my size). Next year will simply have to be bigger. I can't wait for next year.

If you went, what did you like? How can the festival be even better next year?

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Blaine Nickeson said...

Think you could bring me some Hoppy Holidays from Schooner EXACT? I'd really like to try it.