16 July 2009

One Winner; Many Thanks

Firstly, to everyone supporting this fundraising campaign: Thank you. Your combined efforts are helping to stop the cycle of child abuse and neglect in Pierce County. Last year, I was just one of over 600 riders in the Courage Classic, who together raised over $600,000 for the Rotary Endowment that supports the Child Abuse Intervention Department at Mary Bridge Children's Hospital. The Courage Classic is the largest, single source of funding for this program. Every donor and dollar is important.

As promised, one of my generous donors will win this fabulous prize!

Each eligible donor has been allocated one raffle ticket for every $5 that they donated between July 8 and July 17. Ticket numbers were allocated sequentially in the order that donations were received (e.g. donor #1 gave $25 and holds tickets 01-05.) All of the numbered tickets were placed in the hat...

My lovely assistant, Gwen, gave the tickets a good swirl and chose the lucky winner:

Tom from bikejuju.com, you have just won a one-of-a-kind Fat Tire Ale Beer Can Hat! Congratulations! I'll be contacting you directly about how to receive your prize.

In total, you all donated $295 during this promotion, nearly doubling the amount that I had previously raised, and making this a pretty pricey piece of haberdashery. Nice work!

Keep checking back here for more fundraising updates and ride reports from the 2009 Courage Classic. I'm still trying to reach my big fundraising goal: more money than last year and I will ride my MADSEN Bucket Bike over the mountains. Let's do this!




Tom / Bikejuju said...

No way! I never win anything! Is this a joke? Am I on camera? AWESOME!!

Ok, you rock for doing this, and for bringing attention and sweat and effort to this issue, I'm going back to the page to add to my donation. For real.

Matt Newport said...

WAY! And thanks for the additional donation. Not necessary, but greatly appreciated.