26 July 2009

What's in your Freeloader?

The other day I was out in the garage looking for my tool kit. It's usually with my Xtracycle, but after a very rigid search of both Freeloaders, I came up empty. This is what I did find:

That's two pair of gloves, three rags, a saddle cover, and tubes for both a 700c and 26" wheel. Nothing too out of the ordinary, but I'm always excited when I find that Fat Tire patch kit.

So where was it? I looked in the MADSEN bucket, my wife's saddlebag, in an around the tool box. No dice. For a moment I thought that some lowlife had ransacked my bike while it was locked up somewhere and only taken the tools, because who needs a nearly empty bottle of hand sanitizer and a blinky light with a broken clip?

Then I found the Cross Check's basket hidden in the corner where I had left it after returning from the T-Town Throwdown. And in it was my tool kit, with a bunch of other stuff:

I consolidated both piles and reloaded the Xtracycle. Since it's a million°F here this week, I put the wool gloves back in off-bike storage. Then on a group ride that night, someone needed a ziptie and some sunscreen, and I knew I had plenty of both back there in the "trunk." It felt good to know that I wasn't just carting all of that stuff around everyday waiting for the Apocolypse.

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John Garrish said...

This is a great pic and I love the idea.

Would you be willing to

1. Send me a copy of this
2. Let me post it on Flickr (I will attribute to you)
3. Add mouse-over notes for all of these items once I post it (so people know what all the little things are in the picture?

I think it would be cool to have a tag category on Xtracycle Gallery for "what's in your freeloader?" I know I carry around a bunch of junk (like diapers for my son). This would be a good first post.

Let me know!! :)