28 July 2009

The Heat Is On

I'm riding the Courage Classic this weekend with a large team made up of Harmon Bike Club members and Rotarians from various Pierce County Rotary Clubs. So far, our team has raised over $40,000.

We had a training ride tonight in the 90°F heat and had a blast. We had a chance to meet other team members and share thoughts on the big ride. We are excited to be doing this together.

I've been leading these weekly training rides since St. Patrick's Day. I've also been helping others get jerseys ordered and organizing team events. While it may not seem like much, it has been a lot of work. I'm looking forward to the payoff!

When I got home today, I took stock of what I had brought along for today's 20 mile ride.

I hauled the empty growler in the Xtracycle for 18 miles, then had it filled after our team social. I picked up the empty water bottle from the side of the road in Point Defiance Park to put in my recycle bin at home. And I received a gift from one of my weekly riders, thanking me for leading the rides. (Lisa and Matt - I love it.) These are not large things, but they are also not the sort of things that one usually hauls on group rides.

However, these are things that I would gladly haul to the moon and back if it would help me raise more money for Child Abuse Intervention. As it stands, I'll be riding a 55 pound bike over three mountain passes, while carrying plenty of gear to ensure that others have a safe and comfortable ride. Sure it will be more work that way, but it will be worth it.

If you've been reading this blog at all, you know how much I love bicycling and how much I have tried to contribute to this important cause. Please consider contributing a few dollars. This is the last time I'll ask (this year), but it certainly won't be the last time that your contribution makes a difference.

For those of you in the Tacoma area, have a safe week and stay cool as much as possible. It's supposed to break 100°F here tomorrow, which simply doesn't happen often in this land of drizzle and clouds. I'll be back after the long weekend with a full ride report.


A Wild Celtic Rose said...

I'm sorry I can't join you all for the Courage Classic this year. The situation with my mother (leading up to her death last week) was just too much. Hopefully, things will be calmer next year.

The Furtwangler Family said...
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bikejuju said...

How'd it go?