10 May 2009

Visiting the Home of Madsen Cycles

I went to Salt Lake City last week for my sister's graduation from the University of Utah. Fortunately, I was able to fit in a stop at Madsen Cycles HQ, where Jared Madsen was more than happy to host me and my whole family for a little shop talk.

We had spotted a few Madsen KG271 "Bucket" bikes downtown earlier that day and learned that they belonged to a local bicycle delivery service that also runs a pedicab around town. They had requested a lockable lid for their buckets and the first production run had just arrived.

I noticed a set of Big Apple tires on the shelf, my personal favorites, and asked if they fit. Jared said that they do, just barely (and I'm guessing the narrower 2.0" model), and then showed me how he modifies the fenders the get the proper clearances. He said that the Marathons were also a great tire in the back and agreed that their long tread life would be handy since the rear tire will wear out much faster do to the smaller diameter (i.e. more revs than the front tire over the same distance.)

There are some other great things coming down the pipe, including a new prototype for Madsen's Africa bike. Be sure to check their blog for more updates, including an excellent new twist in the Win a Madsen online contest.

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