24 May 2009

May is Bike to Work Month

(photo courtesy of Carla Gramlich)

Last year I pushed to get my office motivated to participate in Bike to Work Month. We formed a team for the Group Health Commute Challenge and individually tracked our bike miles with Pierce Trips. There weren't many activities going on in Tacoma that we could participate in since our office was in King County, so three of us made the trek to REI HQ in Kent on Bike to Work Day so that we could be counted and recognized with those folks.

I was excited to hear that my co-workers were keeping the tradition alive this year by forming a team. This motivated me to get out and participate in some of the cycling activities that were happening in Tacoma/Pierce County this year.

Sarah and I biked to the Hub on May 13 in a soaking rain, along with 30 or 40 other dedicated cyclists, for the Bike to a Better Tacoma event where we had free pizza and a chance to chat with the City's cycle transportation staff members. We also met many of the hard-working folks from Tacoma Wheelmen's Bicycle Club, the main advocacy voice for cyclists in Tacoma.

The following Friday was Bike to Work Day. I loaded up my kids in the Madsen Bucket Bike and headed downtown with my sister for free coffee at Black Water Cafe. I met Lauren Walker, one of my city council members, who was pouring coffee and chatting with bike commuters. We also saw Carla Gramlich, Touring Captain and ride leader for TWBC, who has done an amazing job of photographing all of the Bike to Work Month events in Tacoma. We're in there a few times - check it out!

Things seem to be shaping up for cyclists in Tacoma. Let's keep the progress moving forward - get out there and ride your bike!


Mum said...

You guys are in quite a few pictures. Love the one with the girls snug in the bucket bike. Looks like a great tine was had by all.

melanie said...

Everyone should be so lucky to have the ODT make a cameo appearance on their blog! Can't wait to ride with ya soon- I think we should go crazy and ride to Pow's...

(my word verification was 'matiseat' lol)