11 October 2011

Alley Cat Race This Saturday...in Tacoma!

Here is the good word from Lord Rocktober:

Saturday, October 15th
3:00pm - Registration
4:00pm - Race Starts
$5  -  entry fee

Meet up at: THE ACME GRUB CAGE TAVERN ::  Tacoma, WA

The race will be the stuff of legend...the winners elevated as immortals...uh....yeah...pretty much. Up for grabs is a badass trophy for 1st placed guy and girl! Prizes for top 3 finishers as well. Plus all the the street cred you can shovel into your little ego. Ready to throw it down? Strategy could be the winning ingredient over brut strength, plus there will be opportunities for time bonuses at many of the race checkpoints! Rain or dry we race – (We’re riding bikes...how crazy cool is that?!) 21+ and biking is at your own risk...so don't fall down yo! Spread the word!

TACOMA MOB RIDERS  —  We Own the Streets!!!

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