26 September 2011

Fender Weather

It's pouring in Tacoma this morning, the first heavy rainfall of the new school year. If you're trying to figure out a way to keep your kids dry on their ride to school, look no further than an old campaign sign.  It's made from coroplast, a corrugated plastic, and it works great for making waterproof things like fenders.  I had to re-reuse the coroplast fender from our trail-a-bike to hack a front and rear fender for Gwen's 16" Schwinn.  Not my best ziptie creation, but it will do for now.  She was actually pretty stoked to have her bike look more like the grown-up bikes in our stable and asked that we also add a spokecard.  Anything to keep you riding, Kid!

Check out Kent's Bike Blog to witness a true coroplast master at work.


melanie said...

Channeling Pop I see. Make sure to enjoy some beer out of tiny glass.

Anonymous said...

Please note that your cruiser will not be apt to rust unless exposed to moisture for long periods of time.
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