05 May 2011

Commitments and Progress

When I committed to match donations made in April with 10% of my own money, I didn't expect to have so many of you take me up on the offer!  You donated $1,400 so I kicked in $140, bringing our total to $1,595 so far! (Some off-line donations are not yet listed.)

I still have a long way to go to reach my goal of $5,000.  It's going to take as many $5 and $10 commitments as we can muster.  Extra thanks to those of you who have sent around the donation link and raised awareness for Courage Classic and the Child Abuse Intervention Department at Mary Bridge Children's Hospital.

Meanwhile, I've been training on my city bike with the Harmon Bike Club on their Tuesday Night Rides around Tacoma.  Tacoma is most certainly not a flat city, so only having one gear means getting out of the saddle often.  I'm starting to realize that I may be spending many miles on the Courage Classic route standing up, rocking the bike back and forth to reach the pass summits. It will be tough, but it will be worth it.

If you're ready to help push me over the mountains this August with a donation, the button is at the top, on the right.  Every dollar counts.

Keep on Pedaling!


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tacomee said...

Gosh! It's only May and I'm going to guess you have already raised 3 times the money for the Courage Classic than I will have total by August. Plus all of the other do-gooder bike stuff you do around town (like one pimped out cruiser bike for the RH movie night). Thanks for challenging and inspiring me to do more for cycling and Tacoma.