30 May 2011

Training With Kids

Gwen and I went for a relaxing 5-mile ride today.  Her trail-a-bike hitch is mounted on my single-speed city bike, the same bike that I'll be riding over three mountain passes later this summer for Courage Classic.

I took her to my secret spot, an amazing viewpoint of Commencement Bay and the Port of Tacoma, especially at night.  It's also just a few miles from home and makes a nice place to turn around when I need to get out and cruise the neighborhood a bit.

I've been riding a weekly 20-miler with the Harmon Bike Club to get ready for my big ride over the mountains, but I don't anticipate doing any training rides longer than that.  In fact, about half of my bike miles are short trips on our Xtracycle with the kids on the back deck.  The Courage Classic route has a rest stop every 15 miles or so.  I simply plan on riding four 15-mile rides each of the three days.  Doesn't sound too bad, eh?  These short rides with Gwen are great for training, even though they are mostly for fun.

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Bunny said...

What nice father-daughter time for you and Gwen!