15 November 2009


While I've been getting over the flu (likely the swiney variety), I've been using my car more. By 'more' I mean that I'm using the car for trips that I otherwise would have biked: grocery store, doctor office, pharmacy. I simply do not have the energy to ride more than the four blocks to the mail box. I've done the pre-school run on the Madsen only once in the last two weeks and it was struggle.

I've been glad that we are car-lite and that I have a car to fall back on during this time. No one wants the swine flu guy to sit next to them on the bus. But wouldn't it be better if we were electric car-lite?

Thanks to Sara at Full Hands for the tip on a new They Might Be Giants album for kids, Here Comes Science, which is available with full video. Here's my favorite track. My daughters and I love the whole album though.


MOM said...

Cute little video. Glad that you are feeling better. It will take time to get your stamina back after this bad sickness. Take your time, get better. Love ya!

sara said...

Sending healthy vibes out. Hope you are all recovered and can get back on the bike soon.

Ohhh, I so love this album! And the horn section on this song is divine.