24 November 2009

Thankfully Healthy

After struggling with the H1N1 flu for twenty days, I finally felt well enough to shuttle the kids to pre-school in the Madsen bucket bike today. To me, this is a health milestone that says, "You're better!" There was a chilly Northwest drizzle falling, but with their legs covered by a light fleece blanket and an umbrella at their backs, the kids stayed completely dry. I was left with damp thighs from my rain jacket run-off, which made me reconsider the value of rain chaps. And while the umbrella is fine for light precipitation, my youngest isn't big enough to hold one up on her own (she stayed home for this test). I need another solution.

The folks at Madsen made a prototype cover, which I heard was scrapped for a different design. I've worked out a basic design of my own for a passenger rain cover which I hope to build and test in the next few weeks. Unfortunately, it won't be done in time for Tacoma Bike's Family Tea Party on Sunday.

I'm not in a huge hurry to build it because the kids don't seem to mind the rain that much. After weeks of drenching downpours, they were more than ready to brave a few showers to get in some laps on the sidewalk the other day - without fenders!

Wishing you all good health this season - Happy Thanksgiving!


Mom said...

Glad that you are finally feeling better. The pictures of the bike riding kids are great! See you soon for some bike riding as well!

Blaine Nickeson said...

ass-less rain chaps?

Julian said...

Chaps ... do it! I'm also going to kludge something together soon for the MADSEN top. Bent hoops running fore/aft with fabric running over it, or grafted bike trailer top (Shane in Eugene has something similar going on).

Matt in Tacoma said...

B- I'm not making this up...

J-I'm trying 1/2" conduit to make an internal frame, then a fabric top that snugs around the lip of the bucket.

sara said...

Shhhhh-- I actually bought those chaps for my husband for Christmas after reading Julian's post some weeks back. Once you've created a rain cover for your Madsen make sure to post lots of photos. I know a local family really interested as is Angie of 4onaQuarter in the blogosphere.

Glad you are feeling better.