22 April 2009

Madsen kg271: Day 1

Our Madsen kg271 arrived direct from Madsen Cycles yesterday. The bike came completely assembled and ready to ride. I had it out and on the road in less than five minutes for the initial ride around the block. Everything seemed good to go!

The kids had been anticipating the arrival of the "bucket bike" as much (or more) than the parents. We put them in the bucket, buckled the seatbelts, and took them for a spin around the block. The toddlers both exclaimed how cool it was numerous times on our short ride. Sarah took her first ride with the kids and had no problems.

We're taking it out today with our youngest to see if she is big enough to hold her own in the bucket. More photos and reviews to follow!

1 comment:

Mum said...

Looks like way too much fun! Can't wait for my turn!