03 April 2009

Good Times in My Neighborhood

Despite my child-minding duties, I made arrangements to attend the 1st Anniversary Party for The Hub, since I sort of named the joint. The timing of our evening was such that Sarah suggested I ride with her to work on my way to the party. I suggested that I take her to work on my Xtracycle instead.

Sarah has only ridden on the back of the Xtracycle once before, but she seemed comfortable. A VERY low rear tire made the bike wobble a bit more than I would have liked, but we had a super fun time.

The Hub was packed and Steve Stephanowitz was doing a great job of keeping the place hopping.

I found a seat in the bar and chatted with two ladies for about an hour. We snagged a few free water bottles and talked about bikes, Portland, Urban Iditarod, Tacoma, and teaching kindergarten.

When Steve's set was over, Pat raffled off the grand prize, a sweet Giant Simple Single, which was won by the kindergarten teacher-to-be that I had been chatting with all this time. She was very excited about her new bike.

I sprinted home on the Xtracycle, dynamo lights blazing, knowing that there was one more bike owner in Tacoma ready to hit the streets. It was a great night to be out on two wheels in Tacoma. Cheers to Pat and Carole at The Hub for creating such a great hang-out!

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Mum said...

Matty, I think you are livin' the dream! What a great time you are having.