01 February 2013

Tacoma's Murray Morgan Bridge Reopens

A pair of riders on electric-assist folding bikes were the first to cross the reopened Murray Morgan Bridge today. My pre-schooler and I were right behind them on our cargobike along with 30-40 pedestrians. I used to bike commute over this bridge on my way to Federal Way, especially after it was closed to automobile traffic but left open to bikes and pedestrians. It's a striking and functional landmark of Tacoma that deserved to be restored and preserved.

I know more than a handful of bike commuters who work on the Tide Flats who are very excited for this bridge to reopen. The improved road surface would have been worthy enough of praise from cyclists, but the bike lane is very much appreciated.

As we turned around at the bottom and headed back up to downtown, we followed another Port worker on his bike. He was excited for the bridge to be open, too, as he needed to get to the bank downtown to cash his paycheck.

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Anonymous said...

How did I miss this?!? Oh, yeah, drove to Pullman, WA that day. Had a great weekend. Thanks for the report.

Cheers, Gene