04 July 2012

Independence: Best Celebrated Together

A mom from my daughter's class invited us to an Independence Day bike parade in our neighborhood. My daughters decorated their bikes and I crafted a bigger and better flag pole for my Xtracycle.

We met at her house around 9am, along with many other neighbors and friends. We paraded our bikes, scooters, and dogs around the block a few times. Some folks knew we'd be coming and were waiting in their lawn chairs for the parade to pass.

We returned for a potluck breakfast on the lawn and were treated to part of the Freedom Fair airshow. An F-22 Raptor maneuvered loudly over the treetops above Commencement Bay as we chatted about schools, bicycles, houses, and pets. The kids played in the street and climbed trees.

I can't think of a better way to spend this national holiday.

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