31 July 2012

DIY Madsen Bucket Covers Revisited

I am constantly amazed that most of the TBR web traffic is directed to our posts about DIY Rain Covers for our Madsen Cycles Bucket Bike (which we sold over a year ago.)

There was version 1.0 that we used for our bike:

Then we made version 2.0 for some friends in Seattle:

There is apparently a HUGE demand for these things. Maybe not huge, but folks want 'em.  While we made ours to keep out the rain and cold, others are simply trying to keep out the sun. This brilliant shade cover photo was sent to us from Ryan in Sacramento:

Here's another great shade cover by @conanlow

(photo used with permission)

Meanwhile, Madsen Cycles is finally testing what appears to be a more finalized prototype of their bucket cover.

Is your bucket covered?  We'll continue to add a few more pics and links here. Leave a link in the comments or email matt (dot) newport (at) gmail.


CargoBiken said...

Ryan here in Sacramento, CA. The shade umbrella works great, but to do what I did you do have to be willing to cut a long vertical hole on the inside of the bucket, near the middle (opposite the side with the chain) to attach the pole to the frame. I also drilled holes near the top of the bucket in the center to attach the pole there too (to make it sturdy).

bikemom said...


I still love my orange cover!

Have you made a rain cover for your X or for a tandem/trailercycle?

As the kids are getting older, I'm thinking about going that route and selling the Madsen (anyone in Seattle in the market for a Madsen with an awesome Tacoma Bike Ranch orange rain cover?)


Steph (and the Monsters) said...

I'm preparing to make our rain/snow cover and was wondering if you could share your materials (particularly the poles/structure)?

Steph (and the Monsters) said...
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