14 November 2010

TCBF 2010

I promised a full review of the 2010 Tacoma Craft Beer Festival, which happened back in October.  This second annual event was bigger than last year, featuring more brewers, more firkins, more food, and more days.  It also seemed to feature shorter lines and a excellent shuttle system, which made getting in the door easier.  Overall, an even better event than last year.

I biked to the Foss Waterway Seaport on Friday night to volunteer pouring samples.  I had a blast talking to locals about beer, meeting many interesting folks, including quite a few local restaurant and bar owners who were on the prowl for tasty local brews to put on tap.  I wore a Tacoma Public Libraries hat, thinking that librarians probably like to drink beer, too.  Turns out, they do.

I took my wife to the festival on Saturday so that I could see things from the other side of the booth.  We had a fun time, ran into lots of friends, made some new friends, and tasted some good beer.  There was live music most of the afternoon.  Some guys were making a batch of homebrew out on the dock.  Lots going on.  If you didn't go, pay attention next year and plan to attend.

We only had Sarah's camera phone, but here's what I told her to take pictures of:

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