20 May 2010

Zeit-Bike Tacoma

Mrs. TBR and I went downtown to see the locally-made Zeit-Bike bicycle sculptures on display at the Tacoma Art Museum.  Our timing was perfect and we found the artists riding their artistic contraptions around Tollefson Plaza during a break in the drenching rain showers we've been having all day.

Two of the three artists even offered test-rides to the by-standers.  I rode one with a trailer wheel-powered fan that inflated the large plastic wind sock on the back.  Brilliant.

There's still plenty of Bike Month left.  More Tacoma events here.

1 comment:

Bikejuju said...

Awesome. The green one is similar to my friend Shawn's bike "the bomb" -- http://40thaveinstitute.org/bomb.htm

I'll be curious to see which one wins.