16 May 2010

Bobike Revisited

I removed the Bobike kid seat from my Xtracycle a while back because I was usually hauling multiple kids with the Madsen when I needed to carry a Bobike-sized passenger.  Tonight I decided to give it another shot.  My youngest (2yo) loves that she has her own handlebars now and  my oldest (4.5yo) loves that she can climb on the back by herself and  doesn't have to wear a seatbuckle, like in the Madsen.  I like it because this is the most comfortable bike I own and it holds a 20 pound weight advantage over the Madsen.  It feels like I'm riding a group hug with my family, and I love that feeling.

1 comment:

Bikejuju said...

I bet you learned how to put in those spoke cards thanks to Cascade Cycle club's friendly video, right?