21 January 2009


A few more shots of my Surly Karate Monkey Xtracycle in action. The setup was mostly taken from a Clever Cycles suggestion with additional input from Aaron's Bicycle Repair.


JPTwins said...

hey, just found your blog via xtracycle gallery. Can you say a little more (and maybe show pictures) about how you mounted the trailer to the xtracycle? I'm getting ready to set up my X and some people seem to keep the trailer on the quickRelease, but you seem to have it setback more.


Matt Newport said...

@ Geoff: I've only hooked up the trailer 2 or 3 times. Each time, I've unbuckled the rear of the freeloader and attached the standard Burley hitch into the crook of the free rad where the V-rack is inserted. This setup is not ideal, as the clamp arm of the hitch rests on the aluminum V-rack, while the rest of the hitch is resting on the steel freerad. The trailer load was maybe 30#, and I felt confident that I wouldn't do any damage to the rig. For flat trail/neighborhood riding, this is fine, but for steeper climbs/descents, you may want the whole hitch clamped to the steel. The Burley alternate hitch (for bikes with disc brakes, that mounts on the skewer) might be a better way to go. I'll do some experimenting and post photos. Hard to find detailed shots on the web, I know...