09 January 2009

Buying Local

The winter rains found more than one way into our home this week. The basement leaked (as usual), but so did the dining room window. I needed caulk.

Usually, I'd load up the minivan and drive the 4 or 5 miles to The Big Orange Home Store, get lost trying to find the one thing I need, and waste much time and resources to make a $5 purchase. Now that I'm home during reasonable business hours, I decided to check out my local lumber yard, which sells an assortment of building and home repair products.

I loaded Tula in the Burley D'Lite trailer, hitched it to the Cross Check, and we set out for Gray Lumber Company. It's only 1.3 miles away, but even on the short trip I noticed that my trailer combo was more nimble with easier starts and stops.

From Cross Check

Tula travels by bike in her carrier car seat, because she is too small to keep herself upright in the trailer seat. I leave the handle up to act as a frontal roll cage and buckle it in with the wide lateral seat belt in the trailer. She's very snug and seems to like facing forward, instead of rearward in the van.

There is a bike rack in front near the door, but my rig found a spot against the front wall. U-lock through the front wheel and frame, helmet through the rear wheel and frame. I wouldn't be long.

From Cross Check

Inside, I was impressed to find nearly every bit and bob that I have ever needed to fix my home. Furnace filters, toilet kits, hardware, pvc pipe, tools, and a wide assortment of caulk and glue. Three different employees asked to help me during the 5 minutes that I was inside. Upon telling one fellow that I was there on my first visit to explore my local lumber yard, he said that the business has been located in the neighborhood for 105 years and that "this is Tacoma." I will bring my business here again.


melanie said...

She is such a good sport. Love the pics.

Steve Fuller said...

Best thing about the local lumber yards are the people there generally have been there, done that with regard s to the homes in the area (lots of times older ones). Much better resource than the 18 year old girl at the Orange Box place.

Julian said...

Hey! I'm glad to have found your blog ... have you tried a front seat yet? She'll be too busy being giddy to fuss much about the helmet.