06 December 2008

Just for Kix...

After struggling for two hours to get our two children to bed tonight, it was tempting to just go to bed, too.  Instead, this stay-at-home dad needed to go back to the grocery store to pick-up the items that were not on the list this morning when he went there, and to get a refund for the cereal that had rang up wrong on that same trip.  It’s 9:15pm.  The wife leaves for her shift at the hospital at 10:30pm.  Let’s roll.

A bike ride was much needed after all of the driving I did today, so I decided that this would be a good time-trial for me and my Xtracycle.  Google Maps says the trip is 2.2 miles and should take “about 10 minutes” by car.

Conditions: 49F, cloudy.

The ride takes me:

14 minutes to the store (more up-hilly).

(17 minutes at the store.)

11 minutes to the house (more down-hilly).


I purchase 51 pounds of groceries:

12-pack of winter ale (bottled)

18 large eggs (all made it intact)

2 gallons of milk

2 frozen pizzas

1 large package of tortillas

(I forgot stamps again)


The ride was very pleasant.  I felt visible and safe with my bottle-dynamo lights and reflective bits.  I even dinged my bell a few times, just for kicks.  I think I’m going to throw back a Jubelale and watch The Triplets of Belleville...

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