24 January 2017

You'll Bike Tacoma Patches

In case you missed out last time, I ordered more You'll Bike Tacoma patches. 

Second verse, same as the first: 1"x4" iron-on, glow-in-the dark letters, made by Falls Creek Outfitters in the USA, five dollars each. Proceeds will go to local charities that help kids. Stop me on the sidewalk or drop me a line if you need this.

Thanks again to Joe Korbuszewski for collaborating!

#Cascadia #Bike253


Mike Flaherty said...

Hey Matt,

Those are cool patches reping the Tacoma bike scene. We are a 100% volunteer and nonprofit bike charity and ministry located in NE Tacoma that has been donating hundreds of bikes to Tacoma's kids and needy adults each year for quite awhile.

Check us out at www.bikesforkids.us.

Thanks, keep up the good work.

Clark D said...

How would I go about ordering one of these? Or are they available in a Tacoma store?

Jack Suzen said...

This is really cool patch designs. I really love your blog. You always come up with new ideas. In fact, I’ve seen something like that after a long time.

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lavine said...

Thanks, those look great!