06 April 2016

Missing Pages

Over the years I've used this blog as a place to document our bicycle adventures.  Even though 2015 was a big year for us on bikes, I didn't get a single thing posted. I won't attempt to go back and fill in the blank, but I am disappointed that I won't have TBR to use a a reference for 2015 - Tacoma's Year of the Bike.

Moving forward, I will make a renewed effort to get a few photos posted now and then in more of a micro-blog style. I used to feel like Tacoma needed to be showcased as a good town for bikes and wanted to help promote what the city had to offer. Now I just need to try and keep up with my family and our memory-making days on two wheels. Tune-in or tune-out; either way TBR is getting a tune-up.

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