27 June 2013

Bike Racing in Tacoma This Weekend

Our city doesn't often host bicycle races, which is why the Tacoma Twilight Criterium is a must-see event. There will be races all afternoon on Saturday starting at 4pm with the fastest races taking place near dusk.

Previously held in downtown Tacoma, the race moved to the Proctor District last summer with a short and intense 2-block course that was excellent for spectating. Local legends battled head-to-head as fans and neighbors cheered them on to victory. It was awesome.

There are plenty of spots nearby to grab a bite to eat, including two grocery stores, but you'll need to get there early if you want a window seat at one of the restaurants that are on-course. Remember that roads will be closed 1-2 blocks around the event, so plan accordingly. Dust off those cowbells!

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