02 August 2012

Bike Jump The Fourth: A Stunt for a Cause

Tacoma's fourth annual Bike Jump is happening this Saturday, August 4th. It's a benefit of sorts for 2nd Cycle, Tacoma's community bicycle center in the Hilltop neighborhood. Buy a shirt, buy a poster, watch the shenanigans, and support a great cause. Here are the details, lifted from the 2nd Cycle facebook event invitation:

(poster art by Noah Struthers)

Bike Jump the forth will commence at 9ish pm at the alley of 6th and I. Be there be rectangular.  
In collaboration with Second Cycle, Galen Turner will perform an act of life defining awesomeness by jumping a 24 inch cruiser bmx bike through 90,000 volts of rare stimulated gasses and 200 feet of neon. 
Like a Tibetan monk making a sand painting only for it to be blown away, this to is a statement of impermanence and a celebration of futility and the acceptance of it all. We shall thrive. We will not fail. This day. Today. August the fourth 9 pm.  
This is a benefit for second cycle so please bring some cash to buy some bike jump posters and merch. Shit cost money.

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