12 September 2009

Endless Summer

We had a few days of wet weather, but otherwise this has been a phenominally sunny summer. The MADSEN Cycles bucket bike has been getting used nearly every day for outings to the park, short errands, and the thrice-weekly pre-school run. I keep wondering if we'll continue to use the MADSEN once the dampness of fall and winter finally hits, so we've been testing out contingency plans. Turns out a 4-year old in the bucket can easily wrangle a bumbershoot in the back seat at cruising speed, while still covering most passengers and not poking me in the back. Sweet!

Plus my mom send these flashy German-made raincoats for the kids. I think we're set.

However, the sun just keeps on shining. So we continue to bike over to the UPS campus to kick the soccer ball around in the evenings. If you see us there, come say "Hi!" so Gwen can tell you all about her bucket bike. Here is our latest journey through the lens of Gwen's camera:


Julian said...

Umbrella! How Dutch ... now she just needs heels and a cellphone.

But thanks for umbrella demo - we'll see if Drew can wrangle one. Who needs that long-awaited cabriolet top?

Matt Newport said...

I've started thinking that the cabriolet top is a pipedream. Although maybe a custom Veltop would work?