22 August 2009

Race Ready

During the Courage Classic there was a raffle for a custom Courage Cycles frame. I put my name in the hat and have my greasy little fingers crossed that I'll be the lucky winner later this month.

The idea of having a "road" bike has been on my mind for a while. One friend had a Curtlo made for his very tall self while another friend received this awesome birthday present from his better half. I have road bike envy.

I dug through the parts bin for my clipless pedals, literally wiped the cobwebs from my SPD shoes, and put a fresh coat of shellac on my drop bar. Voila! Now I can at least pretend to ride with the pack, even though my largest gear is still 36x12. I've never done drop bars and down tube shifters, either, though I've mix'n'matched a bunch of other setups on this cross frame.

Speaking of which, cyclocross season is quickly approaching...maybe I should take off the kickstand and hit the course at Fort Steilacoom?

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