12 February 2009

How's it lookin' back there?

I usually do my big grocery shopping trips at night after the kids are in bed. There's less traffic, both on the road and in the isles, so I can usually get more done in less time.

From Xtracycle

After returning home from a recent trip, I began to wonder about my night-time visibility to cars approaching from the rear, since I can at least see what's coming at me from up ahead. I always wear a reflective vest at night as well as a blinkie on my Bell Metro helmet. The Xtracycle also has a bottle-dynamo driven light set, but it's the many added reflectors that seem to be doing the most good.

Day...(notice LED standlight)

From Xtracycle


From Xtracycle

I think adding some reflective tape to the corners of the H-racks would seal the deal...

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melanie said...

Having ridden behind you at night, I can attest to the fact that you practically glow red. Kudos to you for your commitment to responsible night bikery!